The Caribailes instructor team proposes four dance universes
dance classes from Africa to The Americas via The Caribbean

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Caribailes build for you at any place in the world regular course plannings, workshops, master classes as well as dedicated professional instruction. The academy organizes world class events and festivals for public or private organizations in the world. (Read below about the Concept)
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enter Caribailes dance universes

Caribailes releases mainly four dance class universes : bachata classes, salsa classes, mambo classes, rumba, son and Afro-Cuban classes, cha cha classes, merengue classes, shines footwork classes, styling classes, spinning classes, movement techniques, reggaeton classes, ragga classes, dancehall classes, gwo ka classes, newstyle classes, hip-hop classes, hype classes, boogaloo classes, funk classes, house-dance classes, krump classes, coupé-décalé classes, kuduro classes, kizomba classes, n'dombolo classes, afro-jazz classes, traditional African dance classes (West, Center and South Africa), samba classes, caribbean dance classes, Afro-Brazilian dance classes, Afro-Caribbean dance classes, Afro-Latino dance classes, Afro-American dance classes and urban dance classes.

Dream of starting a local Caribailes, in your area?
Caribailes is a unique Lego Concept of very popular and authentic dance classes. Our moves originate from best places in the world giving top-notch swing, feeling and fun to your clients.

This is not like the same boring pre-choreographied programs you always see every time, every place ...

This healthy and social entertainment activity is a packaged service ready to be plugged into your infrastructure. It goes right on top of your own existing planning, be it a fitness, a gym, a dance or a city driven organizations.

Caribailes has achieved a proof of concept in Paris, France that has been running for more than five years. Our master trainers are ready to travel around the world and are ready now to develop programs locally for you. Email us :

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Participate in the world development of our values increasing same audience at your local places!
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